This is a visual novel and isn't yet available for download. It's rated 16+ for language/violence/adult concepts.
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This is a world in which the sun runs any way it likes across the sky and sometimes not at all, in which rivers sometimes run uphill and the seas drain into the earth, in which there are no seasons and no cycles. It's a world in which cities spring up fully formed out of the earth, and sometimes vanish the next day, and paths made neither by beast nor human flow through the world like the tides. It's also a world in which everyone remembers what they are, but not who they were — a world where people fade away as easily as their memories.

Adin can remember any number of mundane chores and routines, but he can't remember anything of himself besides his name, and something — or maybe someone — is driving him on towards the truth of this world's origins and nature, as well as that of his own past. But while some people seem willing enough to help, others seem convinced that the truth will bring disaster and is better left forgotten, and it isn't at all clear which side is right.

Everything leads to the tower at world's end — a tower that's lit by a dying star, and perilously close to toppling.

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Under construction.

Under construction.

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· Enabling gore doesn't change any of the game paths; it just shows the gory scenes in true more detail.
· Enabling BL adds on to the game paths, and there are a few more endings. The backstory for the characters and the essential plot remain the same, though. Content here is 16+ & cuts off at makeout scenes, but some of the scenes might be . . . kind of unsettling, particularly if you also have gore enabled. You've been warned.
· You can't go back after making a decision, so save before/at decision points if you aren't sure what to do. Earlier decision points are less critical, but they do affect the way characters interact and the direction that the story goes in. Interactions with one character can also influence how another character reacts to you, but you're not restricted to interacting w/ just one character re. the BL plot arcs (i.e. you don't have to choose one character).
· The true ending can be obtained on the first playthrough, but it is pretty complicated. You don't have to have gore or BL enabled for it. If you get it, you'll see "true end" in the dialogue box at the end; the other endings just show "end" (no distinction between good/bad).

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